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 What We Do



The following classes and workshops are available on request and can be tailored to individual requirements.

Dance classes

to bring a fresh and energised approach to dance training

to expand dance vocabulary

to explore SpiralDance

to balance good technique, imagery and creativity 

One Day Workshops

to explore specific dance qualities in more depth, for example working with balance/off balance, transitions, phrasing, attention to detail, dynamics, texture and spacial awareness

to work to a theme, for example exploring the elements earth, air, fire and water through dance

to initiate a project for students to work on over a period of time, coming back for a final day’s session to see the work that has been created

workshop sessions specifically designed for those with Learning Difficulties


to work over a number of days or period of time to develop a theme, project or production

to include dance classes, choreographic sessions, live music, massage techniques and a performance if appropriate


to explore the art and craft of choreography

to inspire a creative approach to choreography

to give choreography for the group to follow

to facilitate individual and group choreography

(Themes can be chosen by the students or the leaders)


to use guided improvisation as a tool for creative discovery

to work with live music and a variety of instruments

to liberate the body and allow new dance forms to take shape


To work on a particular idea/project with another artist, for example working closely with a musician to understand each other’s approach to the subject in hand

to bring choreography and composition together

to explore poetry and text through dance/movement

to work with the voice and movement

to learn elements of other dance styles, for example Egyptian dance, Argentinian Tango, African dance and Tai Chi.


A renewed enthusiasm for dance

Acquisition of new tools and ideas to refresh traditional dance training

Enhanced creativity

A flexible and open minded approach to dance and teaching

Greater confidence and belief in individual work

Good integration skills

An organic approach to training that enhances the health and longevity of the dancer


Bryony Williams
Tel: 07944 871736
Email: bryony.williams1@googlemail.com

Elizabeth Blake
Tel: 07765 204576
Email: ebchoreo@hotmail.com