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Leaping figure




“The spiral represents the eternal dance of life – ascending, descending, expanding, contracting, winding and spinning: a dance through which man can incorporate the movements of the universe, the dynamic flow between opposites and feel the heart of unification at the calm core of the centre of a spiral. It is a powerful symbolic form that we recognise consciously and unconsciously.”

SpiralDance has developed through an integration of contemporary dance, martial movement and other dance forms, and finds its source in nature and the elements. It is a natural and expressive way of moving, underpinned by sound technique, that inspires creativity, expands dance vocabulary and is a good tool for the integration of dance styles and other art forms. It also brings new insights to traditional methods of dance and is healthy for the body.

The spiral is inherent in most dance/movement styles and is seen everywhere in the natural world and is present in our DNA in the form of the double helix. We have discovered that the spiral activates and gives direction to the circle, ensures a living flow of energy, is a good tool for creative focus and discovery and deepens understanding of technique. The spiral is the pathway to the source of a given movement and the point of transition between movements, levels and emotional states.

By taking dance back to source and working with the dynamics and interplay of the elements - earth, air, fire and water - it is possible to bring greater awareness to the characteristics of specific parts of the body, the qualities and eloquence of particular movements and dance sequences, and access a rich source of imagery that inspires creative dance and choreography.

The development of SpiralDance is ongoing as an inspiration for choreography, a tool for creative discovery and an effective means to express and communicate life experience.


Allows imagination to find physical expression
Uses clear and accessible technique and form
Draws inspiration from nature
Creates energy and vitality without exhaustion
Highlights and supports individual creativity
Helps integration with other artists
Generates free-flow
Instils a sense of joy and wellbeing
Honours dance as a unique and creative art form

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