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We offer workshop sessions or classes to provide skills, influences and inspiration for choreography that will enhance both confidence and creativity and produce effective and imaginative choreography.

These sessions are open to anyone who would like to develop their choreographic skills and find new inspiration for dance. Some dance experience is necessary.

The content of the session can include any of the following suggestions or a theme of choice


All sessions begin with a warm-up/preparation, move into the theme of the day, followed by time to work creatively, with guidance, with the material given, ending with a short showing at the end of the session, and a close down.


The session will include learning some SpiralDance and exploring spiral moves. These movements and forms are based on universal and natural principles for dance/movement and provide a common ground and foundation for many styles of dance, and are a good base for creative choreography.

Tool Box

Looking at possible forms and structures for pieces of choreography, ie what structure would suit your idea.

Exploring themes and motifs for dance

Using symmetry, asymmetry, contrast, juxtaposition, canon, unison, chaos and stillness…

Developing spacial awareness – the environment, use of space, levels, directions

Questioning what is appropriate for solo, duo, triple and group dances.

Use of music (recorded)

How music informs dance and the reason for choosing a particular piece.

Listening to music from a variety of genres.

Looking at rhythm, structure, harmony, lyrics, atmosphere, mood in pieces of music.

Asking the question how can dance enhance and express a particular piece of music, or not.

Cultural influence –  eg Egyptian dance including veil and cloth work

Warm up appropriate to the dance style

Learning the Egyptian or other cultural approach to dance and basic moves.

Learning how to dance with a veil

Using this knowledge to inform the choreography.

Voice work for dancers

Movement and vocal warm up

Exercises to explore the relationship between voice and movement and try to find unity between the two.

To gain confidence in singing, choral and individual.

Chosen songs (from the group) that can be danced and sung, or one person singing while the others dance…..

The inclusion of some vocal work in the choreography

Live music and dance

Exploring the relationship between music and dance, musicians and dancers, through musical structure and improvisation – 

How music follows dance and dance follows music.

Working closely with musicians to create spontaneous dances and musical compositions.

Drama, text and poetry

Warm up to include word stimulus.

Working with words, text and poetry both spoken and moved, to see how dance/movement can enhance and highlight certain pieces of text and poetry.

To gain confidence in speaking.

Creative task to work with a piece of text or poetry or create own dance poem or story.

Nature and dance

Remembering and experiencing the source of movement – nature.

Finding inspiration for dance and movement from natural forms, movement and images.

Exploring the elements – earth, air, fire, water, - as tools for creative discovery.

Weather permitting, part of this session will be held outside in nature.