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SpiralArts is known for developing new work and embracing diverse influences from East and West. They bring inspiration, new vision and holism to dance theatre.

Their primary activities are dance research and development for the purpose of teaching, choreography and performance.

Dance is the essence of the work and is used as an art in itself and the common denominator between arts.  They are currently developing ‘SpiralDance’ – a new way of dance created from a fusion of Eastern and Western disciplines and inspired by nature. It explores spiral forms, and is expressive movement that is natural, creative and accessible with clear technique and form. 

Past work has included residential courses, improvisation evenings, platform performances, as well as site specific performances at the Eden Project and Castle Drogo. As part of their educational work they have run a project in schools in Cornwall 'Celebrating Diversity', a summer course at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama 'The Moving Musician' and a variety of schools arts projects on various themes eg 'Citizenship', as well as workshops for 'special needs groups'. 

They have worked closely with other artists particularly musicians, both classical and ethnic, actors and singers.

It is closely associated with the Ealing School of Shiatsu a form of massage that enhances awareness of the health of the body.

"From the uplift and joy felt in the rhythm and flow of dance to the still confidence present in good posture, the body becomes the vehicle through which imagination takes form."

"You do not have to be a dancer, but honour the dancer in yourself"